It is common to note that, at the beginning of the third millennium, rapid technological progress has changed noticeably, and continues to change, the structure of human societies, constantly creating new data in the business world as well. The result is that the need for development services such as communication and advertising is becoming increasingly imperative.

The Group of Companies THE MASTERMIND GROUP has been active in the field of conferences, journalism and public relations since 1991, with great success, and has been created precisely to address this need in the most effective way, as it has dedicated organizational departments Conferences,Public Relations, Tourism, Secretarial Support. He specializes in communication and promotion in the neuralgic area of ​​Health, a sensitive area with many specifics.

In fact, based on our portfolio and our current clientele, we dare to say that our Group is a leader in the Health sector, as our partnerships extend to the whole spectrum of this crucial and particularly sensitive area, while many of our executives Have been in “key” positions (Ministry of Health and Welfare Office, business consultants of major hospitals in Greece and abroad, etc.).

Providing reliable and integrated services, optimal coordination of the various actions, global customer service and maintaining the best ratio in quality / cost ratio are those features that make up the The MASTERMIND GROUP’s functional profile and show it to one of The most solvent and competitive in its field.

This is not a one-sided claim. This is confirmed by our valued members – members of the Greek medical community, who honor us with their trust by assigning to the Group the annual program of promotion of their activities, whether individual or collective. Among them are leading scientific companies, public health services, large pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, major medical and social institutions and private businesses.

From the time it has been established to the present day, THE MASTERMIND GROUP has undertaken and carried out on behalf of its clients a massive, multidimensional project. This work extends from the preparation of newsletters and the organization of press conferences, to the organization of conferences, conferences, conferences and other medical and social events, as well as the preparation of complete advertising programs. Many of these are currently underway, successfully building the desired corporate and social profile, according to the needs of our customers.

The Activities of The MASTERMIND Group.

We have the privilege of working at a high professional level, thus enabling the client to organize any small or big event.

We have the necessary know-how to manage any event from the original design and the location of the event to its promotion and publicity.

In detail, the services provided by the group are the following:

• Supervision, Editing, Editing, Printing, Packaging and Sending All Newsletters (Conference Letters and Folders, Participation Forms, Preliminary and Final Programs, Posters, Conference Badges, Banners, Monitoring Certificates, Invitation for the Official Social Events of the Conference, etc )

• Editing and printing a conference booklet and sending it to all Pharmaceutical Companies and potential sponsors.

• Communicating with potential sponsors to participate actively in the Conference, contributing to its successful organization.

• Managing and handling the correspondence of the Organizing Committee of the Congress.

• Ensuring the necessary audiovisual media to cover the conference (microphone facilities, translation systems, etc.)

• Organizing and editing receptions, meals, social and artistic events.

• Ensuring the necessary approvals (EOF), the Ministry of Health (Ministry of Health, etc.), as well as the graduation of the CME credits.

• Webinars

• Live Streaming


In our times our world seems smaller than ever. The great technological progress and the ever-increasing need for communication between different peoples and states “throw” borders and shorten distances.

In a competitive market where “offers” often lose their meaning, we insist on the basic principles of the right travel: flexible routes, safe travel, “landed” costs.

For the travelers of the world, for all those who travel are a daily reality, it is known how important these three principles are. And it is not too late for the casual traveler, who, in the name of a marginal discount, loses many hours of his time and even more calm, suffering at impersonal airports and outdated transport means.

Our experience in issuing tickets, be it individual travelers or group fares, guarantees two things: Nobody will lose his trip because there is no ticket to his destination, nor will he pay his weight in gold to secure the A coveted ticket.

In detail our services are:

• Organizing package tours at customer choice destinations.

• Reservation of Air Tickets.

• Book hotels around the world at the best possible prices.

• Car rental.

• Reception and provision of information at the airport.

• Private transfers to and from airports.

• Reservations for Cruises.


The development of technical progress has created a new and different world, with new values, new facts and new methods that have led to the updating or revision of relations between people. A significant impact on this everyday accelerating change was also the communications sector, which changed structure and sought new orientations and functions.

One of these communication functions is Public Relations, which aims at developing a spirit of mutual trust and understanding between individuals and groups.

The Mastermind Group and its specialized partners can provide you with complete communication and PR projects.

In detail our services are:

• Finding a suitable communication media.

• Manage view time and quality.

• Identifying Target Groups.

• Cost estimation.

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

• Photoshoot.