The latest trend in corporate affairs is none other than incentives, that is travel offered to partners as a reward for their efforts. These short breaks provide the company’s executives with the opportunity to entertain, tighten their relationship with their colleagues, and, respectively, enable the company to assess the company’s social skills and capabilities in terms of initiative and spirit of cooperation.

This is achieved by organizing individual and group “games”, where participants engage in their physical and mental abilities. Very often, these activities combine with nature and increasingly appeal to individual travelers who, in order to escape from the stress of the city, resort to short escapes and mini-adventure.

Our proposals for the organization of incentive trips are as diverse and varied as the variety and the changing of nature in our country and in the world. And in order to make an absolutely successful incentive for our client, we faithfully apply the “unexpected surprises” principle, which ensures the greatest enjoyment and effectiveness without the painful consequences that often … lie in such getaways.