The culmination of the traveling spirit and the dream of every real traveler. The most challenging, creative, and at the same time, difficult kind of travel. The kind that distinguishes the travelers from the tourists and reveals the … the seed of the explorer we all hide in our children!

A well organized individual trip can be one of the most sensational human experiences. Just as easily, however, experience can prove to be painful, even disastrous if the organization is poor. Something that unfortunately happens very often, or because the people who design and organize the trip are not well aware of their subject, or because – this is the worst – they do not take into account the client’s needs.

To achieve this, admittedly, difficult task, we do not resort to “magical” solutions nor do we know well hidden secrets. Just as ourselves are fanatical fans of the travel escape, we actually apply our personal care and we employ the expertise and experience of our associates who have been involved in this type of trip for years.

What does this experience teach? An individual journey does not necessarily have to be expensive to be good. But he has to be careful in every detail to allow the traveler to concentrate and enjoy the essence of the journey, free of uncertainty and complicated procedures. In addition, an individual trip should never be the same as another, even if the destination is common. And because the needs of each traveler are different, the time when a trip changes, changes the images that will be “illuminated” and, of course, the cost changes many parameters. In any case, however, the result should be one: the maximum and uncompromising delight of the customer.