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The MASTERMIND Group has been at the forefront of this trend since 1991, delivering versatile, dependable and innovative communications and tourism services. The outgrowth of “Trailer Advertising” is The MASTERMIND Group, which is evolving and dare to say that it has evolved the field of conference tourism and communication continuously with new products based on the experience and expertise of its executives and who know the Object from the inside.

The last feature is our great comparative advantage, as years of experience and excellent knowledge of market rules allow us to always look ahead, in the interests of customers who trust us, without repeating familiar, erroneous and, ultimately, Ineffective tactics of everyday professional practice.

Travel and communication: concepts inextricably linked from the very first moment that man appeared on Earth. Concepts, which at the dawn of the third millennium, in the era of globalization and information technology, are both imperative and enjoyment of modern man.

Whether as a means of recreation or as a means of knowledge and professional activity, travel has always been an internal impulse and a driving force of human nature. Especially nowadays, the combination of the two is more powerful than ever with the blooming of congress tourism and the -inational – the abolition of the borders internationally.